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TotD IV: 🥁 Meute – Rej (Âme Rework) [Track of the day]

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TotD IV: Meute – Rej

This is Marschmusik! Meute is a Techno Marching Band – a dozen drummers and horn players from Hamburg/Germany who fulfil the job of a dj with their acoustic instruments. Here they use the 2005 Masterpiece „Rej“ from Âme and you can feel how good that concept works out!

Little bonus (because we love ❤ Bodzin and Romboy ❤ so much):

Meute – Kerberos (Stephan Bodzin & Marc Romboy)

Sumo Bots 🤖 (f***ing fast!)

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Sumo Bots

In the Japanese tradition of Sumo, Robot-Sumo is the honorable battle of two opponents trying to push each other ot of the ring. But compared to the rice-force-fed super slow and fat juggernauts in the human world, these robot are so f**ing fast, you won’t believe your eyes:

There is even a class for nerds who build it with their own Lego Mindstorms NXT / EV3 (DE, COM)´, program and battle each other.




Best FPV Freestyle Dives 🚁

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Best FPV Freestyle Dives 🚁


Next to FPV Drone Racing there is Quad Freestyle, and one of the major elements of Freestyle is the dive.

The time span to pull your drone up before it crashes into the ground can be drilled down to such small window that… I mean…
What the pilots here  are doing is really unbelievable. Here’s my Top 3:


Top 3 FPV Freestyle Dives


Mr. Steele – The Clean Dive


Nice and clean dive from Mr. Steele at an office building right into the darkness – you can only hope that the FPV Cam on his racing quadcopter switches fast enough 😉


Skitzo – The Tree Dive

Not a high but high skilled dive! The sheer amount of branches which are ready to crash Mr Skitzos quad is impressive. (And he’s like: “Naaaa”).


Ummagawd – The Duga Dive

Yes, the Video might be a little over-epic, but the dive from Ummagawd through the Duga Antenna in Chernobyl(!)  just might be that: The most epic dive in FPS history till now.


What are your favorite dives? if you post videos in the comments, please active at the time of the dive!


PS: If you want to get into this hobby, check out the Eachine V-Tail RTF at Banggood. They have an amazing offer at the moment! (140 instead of 400 bucks! But only 100+ left – Mai 2017)

Archery Girl

The ultimate archer

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The ultimate archer

Hollywood is wrong

Look at the picture above and you will find it quite „usual“ for an archery picture. But actually it seems to be very wrong, because she is shooting „on the wrong side“ for the time the film should display

Lars Andersen

Lars Anderson is a Danish painter and archer. He studied the ancient forms of archery and perfected the stile of speed at the most important (firing 10 arrows in 7 seconds) and handling out every situation. His skills are amazing.

The ultimate archery trick

… is what we know as the Robin Hood signature move. But we’re wrong. Actually the ultimate archery trick is to split an INCOMING arrow with one of your own. Check this out:

Run The Jewels - Legend has it

TofD II: Run The Jewels 👉 🤛 – Legend has it

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TofD II: Run The Jewels 👉 🤛 – Legend has it

What a massive stomper by the „adult entertainment“-Crew RTJ.
Killer Mike and El P are killin‘ it (yea, I’ll show myself out…) with this release and the video by Brian Beletic with acid-influenced elements and playing with the „Presumption of innocence“ concept on a f*cked-up scale is just awesome.

Run The Jewels – Legend has it

Be shure you listen to this on a descent stereo or a headset that delivers. RTJ!!!


TotD I: Erkka – Talk To The Hand [Track of the Day]

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TotD I: Erkka – Talk To The Hand

This Ajunadeep release just fits so good in my mood of the day: Quit the shit, ready for new adventures.

Erkka – Talk To The Hand | Museme EP
Label | Anjunadeep
Catalog | ANJDEE232D

(Listened on an Sony MDR-ZX770BN)